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Creating a path to a sustainable future.

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In a world where image is everything, we believe our actions speak louder than any words.
As well as our practises, we have teamed up with sustainably minded companies and suppliers to make a difference in location catering. 
Filling tummies, not landfill.

Bio Cleaning Products

Biovate Hygienics

We prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility in our kitchen and FOH areas by using Biovate Hygienics cleaning supplies which are made from naturally derived bacteria, enzymes and plant based actives. Unlike conventional commercial-grade cleaners that rely on harsh chemicals, Biovate Hygienics offers a gentler yet highly

effective alternative that contributes to a healthier environment. Biodegrading and breaking down more easily, bio products reduce the impact on ecosystems, wildlife and waterways.

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Reusable Bowls


Big Boy has teamed up with Mepal, a Dutch company committed to sustainability. As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce single-use waste, we're transitioning away from disposable items to introduce reusable bowls produced in The Netherlands and REAL cutlery (we know how much crews hate eating with paper knife & forks). We collect, wash & 

sanitise the bowls & cutlery ready for service the next day.

Less products are made = less chance of disposables & other relating products ending up in landfill. Once each bowl has lived its life (approx.300 uses), we send the to a local recycling centre where they can be reformed & reused.

P.S. t's also a little cheaper in the long run! 

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Compostable Disposables

Notpla & Vegware

In instances where the use of reusable products is not feasible, we are committed to sustainable alternatives through the utilisation of compostable disposables from trusted companies such as Notpla and Vegware. Notpla's innovative products feature a seaweed coating, enabling them to decompose through home composting in just six weeks.

Meanwhile, Vegware offers a range of disposable items crafted from diverse plant sources, necessitating industrial composting for environmentally friendly disposal. Through our conscientious selection of compostable options, www strive to minimise our environmental footprint while meeting operational needs.

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Organic & Fairtrade Coffee

Grumpy Mule

We use Grumpy Mule, a renowned coffee brand, not only for their delicious coffee but because they have several core sustainability values that we couldn't ignore. Prioritising farmer relationships, organic cultivation, reducing carbon emissions, minimizing water usage, preserving biodiversity and natural habitats, Grumpy Mule has a commitment to environmental  

responsibility. They help eliminate child labour, support female farmers in Peru and are investing in education & healthcare in local communities. Some of their farmers even own shares in the business!

Our Practises


Sustainably Soured Fruit, Veg, Meat & Fish 


100% Carbon Neutral Suppliers


Using Electric Over Gas Where Possible


Strict No Waste Policy


Electric Fleet

by 2030.

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